Thursday, 31 May 2018

Communicating Through Time

HG Wells' Time Traveler sends the small model Time Machine into either the past or the future. He does not know which. There is no way for it to stop or return. Poul Anderson's Time Patrolmen communicate between years by tiny robot shuttles with automatic shunts to prevent them from arriving together.

Manse Everard sends a shuttle from his New York apartment in 1954 to the London office, June 25, 1894, and, a few minutes later, receives a typed note from J. Mainwethering, inviting him to attend with a qualified British agent at 12:00 midnight on June 26, 1894. Getting an ok (by phone?) from his immediate superior, Everard sends a note to Whitcomb in 1947 and Whitcomb agrees.

Going to the Patrol warehouse, Everard gets a timecycle, like a motorcycle without wheels or kickstand but with two saddles and an antigravity propulsion unit. He departs to a warehouse in London, 1947, when he is joined by Whitcomb, and they depart for Mainwethering's gas-lit office in 1894.

Like Wells updated.

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  1. The bureaucratic procedures are a good touch -- coordinating with the chain of command, signing out equipment, etc.